Vision Statement

“To be the leader in technological world of robotics and AI based solutions for the educational, industrial and technological based consumers in private and public sectors operating throughout Pakistan, and transform educational sector with innovative and skills based vocational system for the human resource in Pakistan”

Our Mission

“Develop and engage educational institution aimed to provide STEAM education with learnings based on physical classes and E-learnings while simultaneously create a research center based on latest technology for Automation to improvise and create In-house solutions for local industries and SMEs requirements with products concepts based on Industry 4.0”

What We Do

ROBOTICS-WORLD PVT Ltd is a STEM Education and robotics company focused on evolving technological advancement in Pakistan by providing facilities in the Field of STEM Education and 3D printing to Educational Institutes and Industries to help them grow and advance effectively. 

Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to provide oppurtunities that excite and expose people to a wide variety of new skills and concepts.

Express yourself with a custom robotics design by a skilled designer built only for you. Working with a professional designer, we deliver high quality professional designs if you want an outstanding robotics design that stands out from the competition.

We believe that our trained team experts should provide a personal, one-on-one experience when customers ask us for support, regardless of the time of day, day on here, or area of the world where our customers live, when needed. That’s why we are pleased to announce that they will be available 24/7 for live technical support.

We model your ideal live service, and we also cover technology, support forms, and intensity of skill.

The desire to ensure that full value is extracted from project expenditure has facilitated project monitoring and assessment and the resulting need to manage the function properly. The aim of this course is to support participants with the techniques and tools to plan and carry out results-oriented monitoring and assessment during project.

Our Customer Service team takes something that everybody dreads calling for assistance with our product and turns it into a fun, positive experience. We’re sure that when you need it, our team will always have your back. We are proud to say our support team is award winning.

One of the most relevant calculation criteria for companies is Return on Investment (ROI). ROI shows how efficiently an organization uses its cash and equity capital. We use the best ROI formula to help people and organizations assess the progress of current investments and the possible outcomes of ventures.

We look for outstanding individuals, including economics, engineering, and business, from a range of fields and professions.

Whatever your experience, to help you deepen your skills and extend your strengths and influence, as we have the scope, training, and culture.

You will receive world-class training, connections to the most creative organizations and an opportunity to develop your career at the robotics world when you join our consulting team.